The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT), Mr Ali Noroozi, today announced the commencement of public consultation to develop his new work program for 2017.

The IGT seeks to improve the tax system for the benefit of all Australians by reviewing the administration of tax and superannuation laws by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

“My work program of reviews seeks to target areas that potentially provide the greatest improvement to tax administration for all Australians,” Mr Noroozi said.

Since 1 May 2015, the IGT has also been responsible for handling taxpayer and tax practitioner complaints about the actions of the ATO and the TPB. In addition to providing specialist assistance and support to complainants, this expanded role has provided the IGT with real-time insight into tax administration issues and an opportunity to address them before they escalate into major causes of community discontent.

“In addition to the broad community consultation, I will consider themes emerging from the complaints handling work of my office to identify potential areas where tax administration may be improved,” he said.

The IGT has unrestricted information gathering powers which empower him to obtain evidence and information from ATO and TPB systems and personnel, past and present.

“I am empowered to navigate the ATO and the TPB’s systems, report publicly on stakeholder concerns and make recommendations for improvement,” said Mr Noroozi.

The IGT maintains the strictest confidence with stakeholders who raise issues or concerns. Where applicable, legal professional privilege is also maintained in matters raised with the IGT.

“I invite everyone to have their say in how administration of the tax system may be improved. I will consider all the issues raised and review matters with the most potential for making tax administration fairer, simpler, more transparent and more efficient,” Mr Noroozi said.

In developing the work program, the IGT will consult with a range of public sector stakeholders including the Commissioner of Taxation, the Chair of the TPB, the Treasury and the Auditor-General.

Submissions close 9 December 2016. Your submissions may be sent via email to

Further information on the work program consultation process is attached. To find out more about the work of the IGT, please refer to the website at

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