On 16 December 2020, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 72/186 - The role of the Ombudsman, mediator and other national human rights institutions in the promotion and protection of human rights.

As the Taxation Ombudsman, we share like objectives with Ombudsmen from around Australia (Commonwealth, State & Territory and Industry) and around the globe and across different contexts and specialisations.

We are proud of the important role we play:

  • in supporting the resolution of complaints; 
  • promoting good governance in public administration; 
  • improving relations between agencies and the citizens, businesses and entities they serve; 
  • in strengthening the delivery of public services; and
  • contributing to the effective realization of the rule of law and respect for the principles of justice and equality.

The Resolution welcomes the rapidly growing interest throughout the world in the creation and strengthening of the Ombudsman, mediator and other national human rights institutions, and recognizing the important role that these institutions can play, in accordance with their mandate, in support of national objectives and their citizens.