Following the announcement today by the Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Chris Bowen MP, the Inspector-General of Taxation, David Vos AM issued the following statement:

"I am, of course, disappointed that I will not be continuing as Inspector-General for another 5 years.

"But I will leave the role with a great sense of achievement and of a job well done.

"In particular, the Government's decision to continue the role in full noted the strong record of improvements and community support that has developed during my 5 years as the first Inspector-General. Without those achievements the role would already be gone.

"I am pleased to have the next two months or so to complete my final Annual Report and to move my current 5 reviews closer to finality. My successor will inherit an excellent team and a package of work in progress which should ensure further achievements in the near future.

"I will continue to be a keen observer of how the tax system develops and I look forward to the opportunities of the future."

4 August 2008

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