David Vos, Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT), today released an update of his program of potential reviews for 2006. The update takes account of recent IGT consultations with community stakeholders and recent public debate on tax administration matters.

The Inspector-General has decided to expand the scope of previously announced review topics into a broad focus on all facets of how the Tax Office settles and finalises issues with taxpayers.

"I will examine the Tax Office's consistency, transparency and conduct regarding settlements with taxpayers," Mr Vos said.

The quality of Tax Office audit and objection resolution procedures will also be covered, as will its application of prosecution policies in the context of settling and finalising issues with taxpayers.

"Recent public debate suggests that these areas of administration should be looked at across the board," Mr Vos said.

Mr Vos said that he would also re-focus his proposed review of Tax Office strategies for late lodged returns into a broad focus on the income tax non-lodgement situation in total.

"Tax Office information shows that the bigger issue is that many millions of non-lodged income tax returns have accumulated over recent years. Large amounts of revenue and refunds may be involved," Mr Vos said.

This review will examine how well Tax Office strategies are dealing with non-lodgements. "As part of this review, I will also examine tax agents' concerns that the Tax Office relies too heavily on tax agents to achieve lodgement compliance." The proposed review therefore will also examine the adequacy of Tax Office support and flexibility provided to tax agents in this context.

Further information on the background to these reviews and the Inspector-General's Work Program are available at www.igt.gov.au

28 February 2006

Contact: David R Vos AM
0407 662 631

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