The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT) celebrates 10 years of service to the Australian community this year. It is a landmark for the new breed of specialist scrutineering agencies.

"Some scepticism was voiced about the IGT office when it was set up. I think it is fair to say that the office's impact has far exceeded original expectations. " Mr Noroozi said.

The IGT over this ten year period has produced a range of reports making extensive recommendations to Government and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that have been influential in changing and improving the administration of the Australian tax system.

"My office always seeks to listen to stakeholder concerns. It also works hard with the ATO and the Treasury to better understand these concerns and to design lasting improvements," said Mr Noroozi.

The range of tax administration improvements is particularly significant, given the IGT office's small size and wide mandate. The more recent IGT reports on the ATO's compliance approach to larger SME's and High Wealth Individuals, Alternative Dispute Resolution, use of benchmarking in the cash economy and the submission to the Government's Tax Forum have all received acclaim and support from a broad audience.

The IGT released a new booklet to mark the 10 year celebration. It provides the community with a simple and easy to understand guide about the IGT office and how to engage with it. The IGT has adopted the motto: "Consult, Review, Advise, Improve".

Mr Noroozi said, "The motto sums up my office. We consult widely, conduct considered reviews and publicly advise on improvements to the tax system. The key is consultation – we are always open to listen to your concerns and your ideas for improvement."

The new booklet, as well as more general information, is available on the IGT website.

30 April 2013
Media contact: Ali Noroozi 02 8239 2111

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