The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT), Mr Ali Noroozi, today announced his community consultation process in establishing his new work program for 2011 and beyond.

The IGT's role is to improve the tax system's administration for the benefit of all Australians. The IGT reviews Australian Tax Office (ATO) administered taxes including, superannuation, excise and grant schemes. The IGT may review tax administration policy, but not specific tax policy issues as to whom, what & how much is taxed.

"I welcome submissions from taxpayers, tax professionals and their representatives who have had tax administration experiences they believe could be improved for the benefit of all Australians," Mr Noroozi said.

The IGT does not review individual cases as such, but often examines some cases in detail as examples of broader taxpayer experience.

"This consultation process is a real opportunity for the community to come forward and raise systemic tax administration issues that are of concern or in need of improvement," Mr Noroozi said.

The IGT is required to establish a work program that lists areas he intends to review. Each review is subject to resourcing priorities and the potential for ministerial direction to review a particular matter of concern.

"The community is always welcome to raise matters of concern with the IGT. Over the course of this year, Taxpayers and tax payer representatives have raised a number of issues with me for consideration. The time is ripe to review my work priorities for the year ahead and to better appreciate which issues I should devote my resources toward improving the tax systems administration," said Mr Noroozi.

The IGT's office maintains the strictest confidence with community members who raise issues or areas of concerns with him. Where applicable, legal professional privilege is also maintained in relation to any matters raised with his office.

"I encourage you to have your say in how the tax system's administration may be improved. I'm seeking the broadest engagement practicable in the time available. I will consider all the issues raised and review matters with the most potential for making the tax administration system fairer, simpler, more transparent, or more efficient." Mr Noroozi said.

Previous IGT reviews are located on the IGT website at Examples of issues raised with the IGT so far this year relate to such matters as the ATO's Project Wickenby, technical decision making process, risk differentiated framework for compliance activities, management of transfer pricing disputes, administration of Division 7A, service standards and test case funding.

The preferred method for receiving submissions is email to If you would like to contact the IGT office directly the telephone is (02) 8239 2111. Submissions close 28 February 2011.

7 December 2010

Media contact: Ali Noroozi (02) 8239 2107

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