The newly appointed Inspector-General of Taxation, Mr Ali Noroozi, is asking for submissions and suggestions for tax administration issues he should review during 2009-10. The IGT's role is to improve tax administration for all Australians.

The IGT can review any systemic issues within the Tax Office's administration including all taxes, superannuation, excise and grant schemes. The IGT cannot review tax "policy" issues such as what and who is taxed.

The IGT seeks suggestions for reviews from any individuals, organisations and tax professionals who have had tax administration experiences that they believe could be improved for the benefit of others. The IGT does not review individual cases as such, but often examines cases in detail as examples of broader taxpayer experience. The IGT will review issues that offer the most potential for making tax administration fairer, simpler, more transparent, or more efficient for as many people as possible. Previous IGT reviews can be referred to at the IGT website:

Submissions can be made by mail or email (preferred) to the addresses below.

Confidentiality is assured and anonymous submissions will be accepted if necessary.

Submissions should be sent to the IGT by 31 January 2009.

Mail Address:
GPO Box 551

Email address:

5 December 2008

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