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About this report

The report presents a summary and analysis of a large amount of data as supplied by the Australian Taxation Office (the ATO). The data relates to levels of undisputed tax debts (and changes in these debts) over the past several years, commencing in FY16 and ending in FY20 - that is, as reported at 30 June in each financial year. The report delivers a number of key related insights and makes five recommendations for consideration by the ATO as outputs from the investigation.

The report is a key piece of research intended to provide Australian taxpayers, tax practitioners, government and business with a detailed understanding of where tax debts are accruing in the tax system and occurring in the economy.

We are currently working on the HTML version of our report. In the meantime, you can download our full report, report summary slides and all other related content via the links below.

Final Report and Summary Slides

ATO response

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