A.14.1 The following recommendations are reproduced from Capgemini's report to the ATO, Australian Taxation Office Easier, Cheaper and More Personalised Change Program, Independent Assurer Report Version 1.2, Period covering 1st August 2008 — 31st August 2008.

  1. Enforce Stage Containments across Build & Test which include meeting all entry & exit criteria and ensuring that end to end testing of all components occurs during PT and IPT
  2. Improve test reporting to focus on testing effectiveness, test progress and test coverage
  3. When delivery milestones change or change requests occur, investigate and document the impact on schedule, scope, and people to define that quality will be maintained
  4. Empower BESS to clarify and manage severity definitions to ensure that Business and Change Program share a common understanding and method for managing issues
  5. Change Program re-communicates and re-educates the Build & Test teams on their roles and responsibilities
  6. Go live support must use the same tools and processes, utilised by BESS
  7. Use Test Director as the single source of truth for test planning, execution & reporting
  8. Change Program keeps the traceability matrix up-to-date to enable targeted regression testing and assisting change management
  9. Ensure that key designers, builders & testers are involved all stages of delivery
  10. Reinforce that key leadership roles for test have the mandate to stop progress and an understood escalation path if they feel that quality will be compromised
  11. Key leaders in testing have appropriate experience and consideration is also given to certifications in industry test standards, such as: CSTE, ISTQB or CSQA
  12. Divide business and technical components into separate documents for design and code table management
  13. Use tools to automate regression testing, eg Winrunner
  14. Plan frequent drops for Severity 1 defects; plan longer cycles for major build activities and other defects during test.
  15. Ensure there is an alignment of top down and bottom up estimates that drive the end schedule.
  16. Conduct testing on converted data starting in Product test phase