A9.1 The following is the list of income tax risk filters used in the large market. For full risk filter descriptions, visit ato.gov.au.

Key compliance program 2012-13 risks:

  • Taxation of financial arrangements
  • Profit shifting
  • Corporate restructure
  • Consolidation
  • Research and development.

Other compliance program 2012-13 issues:

  • Small business and general business tax break
  • Private equity exiting Australia
  • Immediate deduction for mining, quarrying or prospecting rights
  • Financial arrangements
  • Revenue and capital losses
  • Non-resident withholding tax
  • Managed investment trusts
  • Financial arrangements undertaken by stapled groups.

Other risk areas we are monitoring:

  • Black-hole expenditure
  • Offshore banking units
  • Structured lease and leaseback
  • Superannuation fund related risk
  • Tax havens
  • Low tax performance.