Abbreviation Meaning
AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
ABN Australian Business Number
AFCM ATO's Fraud Control Management
ARCS Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme
ASR Actual Strike Rate
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATOi ATOintelligence
AUSTRAC Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
BAS Business Activity Statement
BASE BAS Engagement
BAU Business As Usual
CAC Client Account Centre
CAS Client Account Services
CCD Case Context Documents
CDC Case Data Capture
CDDA Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration
CERIC Client Engagement Risk Investment Committee
CIIM Client Identity Incident Management
CISC Client Identity Support Centre
EBR Expert Business Rules
EDN Export Declaration Number
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GAAR General Anti-Avoidance Rules
GPO General Post Office
GST Goods and Services Tax
HMRC HM Revenue and Customs
ICP Integrated Core Processing
IGT The Inspector-General of Taxation
INS Insolvency
IPS Instalment Processing System
ITC Input Tax Credit
ITX Indirect Tax
LBMA London Bullion Market Association
LPPM London Platinum and Palladium Market
N10 Import Declaration Form
OBC Online BAS Check
OESR Outcome Effective Strike Rate
PGE Public Groups Assurance and Engagement
PSLA Law Administration Practice Statement
R&L Review and Litigation
RAPT Risk Assessment Profiling Tool
RBA Running Balance Account
RI Auditor Guide Refund Integrity Auditor Guide
RIA Refund Integrity Assurance
RICP Refund Integrity Case Processing
RoRA Retention of Refund Analyser
RRE Risk Rating Engine
SR Suspect Refund
TAA 1953 Taxation Administration Act 1953
TCN Tax Counsel Network
TFN Tax File Number
TRG Telephony Reference Group
UK United Kingdom
VAT Value-Added Tax
WH&S Work Health and Safety