Table A5.1: List of SBR, ATO Portal and ELS functions
Function SBR ELS Portal
Income tax returns      
Individual return   X  
Amendment for individual   X  
Partnership return X X  
Amendment of partnership return X X X (Mail)
Company return X X  
Amendment of company return X X X
Trust return X X  
Amendment of trust return X X X
Standalone family trust election X X  
Standalone interposed entity election X X  
Notification of member joining/leaving consolidated group   X  
Various other schedules attached to return forms – for example, eligible termination payment (ETP), capital gains tax (CGT) X X  
Electronic funds transfer   X  
Advise further returns not necessary   X X
Advise return not necessary for year   X X
View the income tax lodgment status for a client     X
Fringe benefits tax return      
Fringe benefits tax return X X  
Amendment of fringe benefits return X X  
Superannuation fund return X X  
Amendment of superannuation fund return X X X
Self-managed superannuation fund return X X  
Amendment of self-managed superannuation fund return X X  
Member contribution statement   X  
Super member data assessment variation advice data   X  
Activity statements      
Business activity statement (BAS) X X X
Instalment activity statement (IAS) X X X
Annual goods and services tax (GST) return X X X
Annual instalment activity statement X X X
Claim fuel tax credits for clients via the business activity statement X X X
Revise activity statement X X X
Vary an instalment amount X X X
View lodged and not lodged activity statements X   X
View activity statement payment options and methods X   X
Receive instant confirmation that the activity statement has been lodged and whether it has been processed X   X
Receive email notification that an activity statement is available     X
View activity statement account list – statements due or overdue X   X
Access data from government agencies and financial institutions to help you complete your individual clients' tax returns via pre-filling reports     X
Product stewardship oil scheme   X  
Application for private ruling     X
Updating client lists      
Add a client   X X
Delete a client   X X
For ELS functions, refer to Client lists and how ELS can help.      
For portal functions, refer to Add a client – Tax Agent Portal and Remove a client – Tax Agent Portal.      
Client registration details      
Update client details:   X X
main trading name X X
postal address X X
business address X X
email address X X
contact details X  
financial institution details    
some associated tax types    
Advise that a client is deceased (individual)   X X
View client registration details     X
View registration details for some tax types:     X
income tax withholding (ITW)
Register for GST and ITW     X
Update ITW registration details     X
Cancel GST and ITW registrations     X
Client mail      
Set up/update correspondence preferences   X  
For more information about how to manage your clients' mail, refer to Interaction management – a better way to manage client mail.
Client activity statements      
Receive clients' activity statements   X X
Change receiving clients' activity statements – paper to ELS or ELS to paper     X
Request to start receiving clients' activity statements via the ELS   X  
Request to cease receiving clients’ activity statements via the ELS   X  
For more information, refer to Managing activity statement – ELS.
Client accounts      
View client account details:     X
income tax account
fringe benefits tax account
activity statement accounts
excise accounts
some superannuation accounts
View client account lists     X
View an itemised account by ATO-processed date or by income year     X
View tax type summary     X
Request refunds and credit transfers on behalf of clients     X
View calculation details on general interest charge (GIC)     X
Income tax reports      
Income tax client list – solicited report   X  
Due lodgment report – unsolicited report   X  
Income tax lodgment status report – on demand     X
Pre-filling report – pre-generated     X
Pay as you go (PAYG) income tax instalment report –
Activity statement reports      
Client list for activity statement purposes – solicited report   X  
Activity statement lodgment report – unsolicited report   X  
Activity statement summary report – unsolicited report   X  
Business activity statement (BAS) and instalment activity statement (IAS) reports – Outgoing activity statements – unsolicited report   X  
Outstanding activity statements – on demand     X
Year-to-date excise revenue product summary report –
Year-to-date interest summary report – pre-generated     X
Year-to-date revenue product summary report –
Other reports      
Client statistics report – solicited report   X  
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) reconciliation report – unsolicited report   X  
Client account running balance report – pre-generated     X
Correspondence preference report – pre-generated     X
Mass marketed scheme investor lists as at a certain date – pre-generated     X
Senior Australians tax offset – pre-generated     X
Family trust elections and interposed entity elections report – pre-generated     X
Online forms      
Lodge a request for a private ruling     X
Lodge an objection     X
Submit further information for a private ruling application or an objection     X
Auditor actuary contravention report     X
ELS password reset form     X
Portal feedback form     X
Tax practitioner services referral form     X
Request for replacement cheque     X
Request a refund – via Client accounts     X
Request amounts to be transferred between accounts – via Client accounts     X
Lodgment deferral form     X
Send a message to us on a range of topics     X
Attach up to six files to messages, such as supporting documentation     X
Set a preference to be notified via email when a response has been sent     X
Receive a response from us to messages sent. Responses may include rejected file messages for private rulings, objections and other information – for example, if one or more attachments have been rejected     X
View message history     X
View sent messages including messages sent by the user under message topics, refund requests, transfer requests, online forms including submitted private ruling applications, objections and further information, and portal feedback forms     X
Delete messages     X
Move mail items to different mailboxes within the practice, for example, to delegate work to staff     X
Downloadable payment slips for:     X
individual income tax
company income tax
superannuation income tax
TFN activity statements
ABN activity statements
self-managed super fund receipts
superannuation contribution surcharge receipts
fringe benefits tax
Store frequently used pages as favourites, including frequently used portal pages and other website pages such as the Australian Business Register (ABR)     X
View information about your practice     X

Source: ATO website.