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The Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO) will commence an investigation and exploration into uncollected and undisputed tax debts in Australia.

The purpose of the review is to understand the trends and landscape of outstanding tax debts in Australia. The results can assist to identify and gain greater insight into which segments of the economy are experiencing increases in undisputed debt collections – that is, areas for further and targeted investigation.

The investigation will also consider international jurisdictions associated with low levels of undisputed tax debts and their related environments. Whilst direct international comparison is rarely possible owing to differences in tax systems, there may be some lessons or insights from overseas experiences that can be identified for further exploration.

Although this is largely an initial scoping study for a subsequent targeted review, the IGTO welcomes submissions, comments and observations from all stakeholders.

View the full terms of reference.

We have updated the status for this review. You can find out more in this announcement.

How to lodge a submission

The closing date for submissions is 6 December 2019. Submissions may be lodged by telephone (02 8239 2111) or be sent by:

Post to: 

Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman
GPO Box 551

Fax: (02) 8239 2100

Email to: taxdebts@igt.gov.au

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