Indexed list of Inspector-General of Taxation’s files 1 July 2018 – 31 December 2018

File Title File ID
ifacahier_2015_volume2_australia R0000016381
Resolve library project_ decription fields R0000016827
Resolve library project_ decription fields meb R0000016830
Debt collection - Payment arrangement R0000016897
Draft Newsletter - November 2018 R0000017130
Debt collection - serious financial hardship R0000017558
Debt collection - garnishee R0000017749
Debt Collection - EDCA R0000017776
Debt Collection - EDCA R0000017823
IGT Facebook Content v3 R0000017836
IGT Facebook Content Round 1 R0000017837
(IGT update) HS-IGT-videobrief for 23 Oct 2018 R0000017835
Draft logo from HS round 1 R0000017834
Some brainstorming ideas for IGT logo R0000017838
IGT Video_01 R0000017839
13AUG2018 - HSxIGT-strategy1 R0000017841
PowerPoint Presentation R0000017843
PowerPoint Presentation R0000017850
Resolve data - Complaints Demographics R0000017847
Resolve data - Complainants Demographics R0000017849
Environmental scan of social media use R0000017848
Facebook - About Us R0000017853
180621 - Overview - video framework R0000017851
(29 November 2018 meeting) Feedback for social media R0000017852
Inspector-General of Taxation report R0000017860
IGT Facebook Content v4 R0000017855
IGT_EXPLAINER_V3 R0000017856
Introductory_IGT_Video R0000017857
Evaluation Spreadsheet - ATM Media and communication services 2 R0000017895
Evaluation Spreadsheet - ATM Media and communication services 1 R0000017894
Inspector General of Taxation 2018-05ATM1IGT SECUNCLASSIFIED R0000017897
Evaluation Spreadsheet - ATM Media and communication services R0000017896
RE Approach to Market Submitted on the AusTender Admin Site DLMFor-Official-Use-Only R0000017898
RE IGT's Media and Comms Procurement SECUNCLASSIFIED R0000017899
Register of tenders received R0000017900
3. Approach to Market v4 R0000017902
2018-05 ATM1 IGT R0000017901
Evaluation - ATM Media and communication services - Rankings R0000017904
ATM contact list of prospective suppliers R0000017903
Ideas register R0000017905
FW Commonwealth Contract - IGT DLM For-Official-Use-Only R0000017912
IGT-ATO Complaint Handling Operational Guidelines R0000017914
IGT Twitter Account - Project Start Up Brief R0000017915
Draft Newsletter - December 2018 R0000017929
IGT January Facebook Content R0000018003
Facebook feedback 20 December 2018 R0000018011
Copy of (version 1) IGT Community Management Guide R0000018012